We also specialize in the implementation of exhibition projects with a film theme.

As the only active film set design/dressing company, we also specialize in the realization of exhibition projects with a film theme. These projects aim to reveal to visitors behind the scenes of film projects and to introduce the activities of different film arts and crafts. We also offer exhibition projects with the themes link to lifestyle and fashion history.

We prepare exhibition projects for the key according to the requirements and possibilities of clients, both spatial and financial ones. We are able to adapt each project with regard to the conditions of its feasibility.

Past Exhibitions

  • Project | Place | Origin | Year(s)
  • Svět pohádek B.Němcové | Obchodní dům Kotva | CZ | 2021
  • Babička ve filmu | Muzeum Boženy Němcové, Česká Skalice | CZ | 2020
  • Až přijde kocour/filmová výstava | NPÚ Telč | CZ | 2019
  • Byl jednou jeden král | Státní zámek Kačina | CZ | 2019
  • Byl jednou jeden král | Kláštery Čerský Krumlov | CZ | 2019
  • Film Point | Barrandov studio, a.s. | CZ | 2017
  • Pivovarské muzeum | Pilsner Urquel a.s., Plzeň | CZ | 1999